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18th October 2017

It's all over for 2017

Next Collie Clan Gatering will be on the Second Saturday in Ocotber 2018 (13/10/18)

12th October 2017

So much has been happening over the last couple of weeks, and even more over the last few days as we count down to Saturday.

Sally's Tucker (Bunbury) has been added to the food truck line-up which includes Friar Truck (delicious medieval BBQ and slow cooked ribs and shanks), Britannia Cafe (Scottish foods: pies, haggis, Scottish square sausage, pastries, etc.)

Collie Chicken Treat will be bringing a food truck to the event.

The Knights of the Free Company and Heavy Events group will be setting up on Friday, and camping overnight. The Grey Company will be arriving early Saturday morning, as will many stall holders.

Clan tents will be erected Friday afternoon and set up early on Saturday morning.

Totally Sound from Bunbury will be setting up a concert quality audio and PA system on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning

WA Rural Signs, Collie, has manufactured around $4000 worth of signs for the event and donated them.

The Veteran Car Club, Collie Woodturners Group, Collie Bouncy Castles, Collie Western Riding Association, St John's Ambulance, and other local groups will be setting up their stalls early on Saturday morning

A team of lodge members will be setting up the Italian Club hall for the Ceilidh on Saturday eventing.

Julie Hillier and Kristina Ugle are all organised for the Cultural Taster (luncheon) at Harris River Estate on Sunday (12noon sit down)

The Collie Clan Gathering Committee want to thank the Ag Society Committee for all the support and help they have given.

Hectic times for the organisers, but it is all go-go-go!

28th September 2017

If you go to the TICKETS page (click on TICKETS on the Navbar, above) you will see that we have added facilites to book and pay online for tickets to

  1. The Collie Clan Gathering at the Wallsend Grounds 10am-5pm Sat 14/10/17
  2. The Ceilidh at the Italian Club 7pm-midnight Sat 14/10/17
  3. The Cultural Taster luncheon at Harris River Estate midday-2pm Sun 15/10/17

The Kinghts of the Free Company (medieval combat) and the Grey Company (medieval theatre) have decided to share one arena, the advantages of that being that more will be going on in that arena for more of the time. The two companies, between them, will provide maximum entertainment for most of the day.

25th September 2017

Header design for Website changed

Veteran Car Club confirmed their attendance with about a dozen vintage vehicles

James Elliott and Sarah Stanley met at the Wallsend Grounds to make a promotional video for our Facebook page using Sarah's new 3600 camera.

11th September 2017

Event Director, James Elliott, attended the Armadale highland Gathering yesterday and caught up with a number of groups who have committed to attending and participating in the Collie Clan Gathering on Saturday the 14/10/2017.

After correspondence with Margaret of the Perth Scottish Fiddlers group, it was lovely to meet her in person and discuss details. The Perth Scottich Fiddlers will definitely be at the Collie Clan Gathering to entertain us with two segments of traditional Scottish pub-style violin music, and we are very much looking forward to that. They performed at the Armadale Highland Festival and were absolutely excellent.

Heavy Events organiser, Jarvan Waller, confirmed that his group will be at the Collie Clan Gathering conducting competitons in heavy lifting and carrying (picking up large, concrete balls and placing them on barrels), throwing large iron weights over a high-jump style bar, and more. the competitions will consist of:

James met with Bro Kevin Hugh McKay, District Grand Master of Scottish Freemasonry in WA, who delivered a speech at the Armadale highland Gathering and was also helping out in the Scottish Freemasons' charity fundraising tent. Bro McKay will be part of the official team opening the Collie Clan Gathering in October.

"Twisted Herring" gave us a superb performance of Scottish fiddle, double base, and guitar music at the Armadale Highland Gathering. Group leader, Fiona Davidson, said that, subject to all or most of the members of the group being available on the 14/10/2017, they would like to particpate in the Collie Clan Gathering on the second Saturday in October and entertain us with their precision, high class music.

Hayley Martin, President of the Western Australian Metropolitan Regional Committee of Highland Dancing Inc (WAMRCHDI), confirmed that they will be supplying highland dancers to the event. The Collie Mens' Shed is currently making a sprung dance floor for the dancers to use on the day - thanks to the Collie Mensshed for that! James, also a member of the Mensshed, was able to inspect the dance floor at the Armadale Highland Gathering to make sure we are doing it right in Collie.

The Heel And Toe Scottish Dance Band, who will be at the Ceilidh, at the Italian Club, on the Saturday evening of the Collie Clan Gathering, performed at the Armadale Highland Gathering, and were very entertaining, playing a lot of old favourites that the crowd could sing along to. At the Ceilidh they will also walk us through some of the traditional Scottish dances, and then play while we dance.

Clan Keith expressed an interest in having a Clan Tent at the Collie Clan Gathering - to be confirmed.

11th September 2017 continued

James was pleased to catch up with Brian Smith and the Free Company who are defintiely coming to the Collie Clan Gathering. The Free Company showcases mediaeval combat events and are always a popular attraction at any Scottish or medieval festival.

At Brian's suggestion, James also went and spoke to the Grey Company. While the Grey company resemble the Free Company in some regards: weapons, period costumes, etc; there is a difference. The Free Company are eseentially a medieval combat group and wear protective body armour and helmets or headgear, accordingly. The Grey Company are more of a theatre group who do re-enactments of specific medieval scenarios, and while some of these might involve combat scenes, they are correographed, and do not necessarily require helmets. They are very entertaining, and we are delighted that the members present at the Armadale Highland Gathering were interested in coming to Collie. However, the person to speak to, Cheryl, was not there and whether they can attend or not depends on their other bookings. We are hopeful that they will also be at the CCG.

Sponsorship has been confirmed from the following sponsors:

Many thanks to our sponsors for supporting a wonderful, Collie event.